Market Update! 

We continue to have a strong real estate market in the Puget Sound region despite the massive job loss and all of the craziness that the year 2020 has thrown at us. Seattle is #2 in the nation behind Phoenix for fastest growing home prices. The median price of single family homes in King County from June 2020 was up +4.2% from June 2019 with a median price of $729,000. Snohomish County saw an increase of +5.9%  to a median price of $539,975. Lake Forest Park (my neighborhood) saw an increase of +5.2% to a median price of $657,500. June is typically the high point each year for the number of homes for sale but with everything going on there has been an steep decline in the number of active listings. King County was down -38.4% from 7,135 to 4,396 homes/condos for sale. Snohomish County was down -45% and LFP was down -64.5%. Mortgage Interest rates continue to set new record lows almost every week; Freddie Mac All Time Record Low: 3.13% with .8 in lender fees and points. Buyers are seeing a tremendous amount of savings with lower interest rates, I’m old enough to remember when rates were around 5% just last summer…and I’ve heard the nightmare stories of interests rates over 18% in 1981. 

I’ve been super busy with 3 properties under contract in Edmonds, Mill Creek, and Lynnwood and we just listed the first home I ever bought. It was built in 1937 and we did some nice updates to bring it up to date. Ashton (my amazing wife) gets all of the credit for picking out the new materials and colors. It's in Shoreline but right on the edge of Lake Forest Park, near great schools and easy commutes to downtown or the Eastside. Check it out here! We’re reviewing offers on Friday at Noon so fingers crossed that we get a solid offer or two :) 

When I’m not selling homes I’m most likely changing diapers. Last Friday we welcomed our healthy little guy, Felix Augusto, into the world. Ashton is doing great and Ana (14 months) is being very sweet to her little brother, even if she’s not exactly sure what it all means. 

So, as always, there’s never a dull moment at the McCartney household. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it and gain some value from these e-mails. Feedback is always welcome. I appreciate your support and hope you have a great week!