Let's Go Mariners!

In my May market recap, I made bold prediction that “Mariners prospect, Jarred Kelenic, will win the hearts of the Northwest and lead the M's to a playoff berth in 2021 to end the 20 year playoff drought!”. Well, well, well, the Mariners are currently tied for the final playoff spot with Boston with 3 games left to play thanks to Kelenic's heroics in September. Let’s hope that Manager Scott Service and the boys can end the 20 year drought! I do wish there was a better slogan being thrown around than "Believe", who could forget the "Refuse to Lose" slogan from the amazing 1995 season. But we're all in and the McCartney's BELIEVE!

The Seattle housing market is in its typical Fall cycle. In September, the median sales price for single family homes dropped 3% in King County, 3.6% in Snohomish County, and 5.5% in my neighborhood of Lake Forest Park. For the year, King County is up 7.4% while Snohomish County and LFP are up 19.2% and 7.9%, respectively. Four out of the last six years we saw a slight bump in new listings for King County homes in September. This September we saw a .06% increase in new listings so we are right on track. We can expect a large decline in the number of new listings in October, as it has happened every single year for the last decade and then expect a slow decline in median price until January, then hold on to your hats.

After a few months and hundreds of showings we found some great buyers for our Greenlake townhouse listing. We saw this little neighborhood explode with 8 other competitive listings the week that we listed the townhouse . Our townhouse was the largest and built with higher grade finishes but it was only 2-bedrooms so we just had to BELIEVE in ourselves to get the job done. When we listed it on June 10th, the Mariners were 2-games under .500 and they did some big time BELIEVING and now they sit 19-games over .500 with the playoffs in sight! Hard work and the power of positive thinking!

We are getting ready for a very busy Fall season and we are heading to Craven Farm's Pumpkin Patch this afternoon. If you're planning on heading to any of the great pumpkin patches then go in early October before they become mud pits and the pumpkins get too picked over. 

Ana and Felix at the Woodland Park Zoo last week, acting like animals! 
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