Josh McCartney


Founder & Designated Broker

Josh lives in Lake Forest Park with his beautiful wife Ashton, daughter Ana, and son Felix. Ashton grew up in LFP and they built their dream home in the Horizon View Park neighborhood, not far from Ashton's childhood home. Josh grew up in West Seattle and Salem, Oregon. Ana and Felix are lucky to have all their grandparents in the same neighborhood as Josh's parents recently moved to Lake Forest Park. Josh and Ashton feel fortunate to have our roots down in such a wonderful neighborhood and community.

Founding Lyon Creek Real Estate has always been a dream for Josh. The chance to build something from the ground up and create a sustainable business that will hopefully pass on for generations was a driving factor to start the boutique brokerage. Opening a brokerage that was separate from the big national or regional real estate companies has many advantages. It allows Lyon Creek Real Estate to be more agile and avoid paying into costly franchise fees. Lyon Creek Real Estate can reinvest those savings directly into their clients needs. 

Lyon Creek Real Estate has the goal of Mastering the Craft of Local Real Estate. That goal pushes Josh everyday to be the local expert, to stay on top of trends, and to provide the full service real estate experience to clients. Josh will be hands on for repairs, inspections, cleaning, landscaping, moving, storage, negotiations, marketing and all of the other fun stuff that comes with buying and selling real estate. 

If you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more than you can always call, text, or email Josh directly! (206) 605-6049 &